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An ecoPOP is a small, free-standing and self-sustaining green oasis. It catches and stores its own water from rainfall, powers itself with the sun's energy, generates its own nutrients, grows your own food, recycles materials, refreshes and cools cities, improves air quality, and builds better communities.

Turn your urban area into an interactive garden that teaches sustainability and builds community

Powered by the sun

The ecoPOP's solar panel captures the sun's energy and turns it into electricity.  This electricity is stored in a battery and used to power a custom pump (designed with University of Sydney engineers) that irrigates your plants twice a day.

Watered by the rain

The large, vertical tanks on either side of the ecoPOP are designed to capture and store rainwater. You can even position your ecoPOP to catch the rainwater runoff from a roof nearby, another way of capitalising on a resource that would otherwise be wasted!

Fertilised by compost

A space at the end of one of the tanks has been left for a built-in worm farm to turn your food waste into rich nutrients;  a wick system in one of the beds brings up those nutrients to help the plants grow. The worm juice drips into the tank and is constantly feeding your garden; your food waste becomes a resource and food for your plants all in this one, contained space!

If you're not ready for a worm farm just yet, put in some water plants and create a perfect home for frogs and other native species.


Why should we ecoPOP?

Because ecoPOPs...

  • Are a teaching and education tool, quick and easy to assemble by any person, and a great way to turn a bitumen or concrete area into a beautiful space.
  • Have a structure of interconnected tanks that prevent anyone from tipping it over, making it vandal proof and perfect for any public space.
  • Create a cooler street for pedestrians, animals and plants.  More shade and lower temperatures mean lower energy bills and a healthier city.
  • Provide an opportunity to learn about local food gardens, how solar energy works, how to harvest rainwater, and how to turn food waste into a resource.

Greening Australia supports ecoPOPs

“We are delighted to be partnering with Michael Mobbs on the ecoPOPs project to address the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)”