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An ecoPOP is a small, free-standing and self-sustaining green oasis. It catches and stores its own water from rainfall, powers itself with the sun's energy, generates its own nutrients, grows your own food, recycles materials, refreshes and cools cities, improves air quality, and builds better communities.


What space do they take up?
The half-size ecoPOP is 2.6 metres long, 1 metre wide, and 1.8 metres tall (to the top of the tall, rainwater tank); the full size ecoPOP has an additional, combined tank structure that is 3.4 metres long, 1 metre wide, and 1.8 metres tall (to the top of the second rainwater tank). The entire structure is about 6 metres long, but can easily be configured in an L shape if space is a restriction. 

Some of the photos show trees growing in the ecoPOPs - what sort of trees could be grown?
The short, upright, round tank was designed specifically for planting trees. This tank has a diameter of roughly 0.75m, and subject to the local climate you can plant a tree such as:

  • lily pilliah
  • bay tree
  • fruit tree
  • paw paw
  • banana
  • finger lime

or up to two midginberries (a small ground hugging native berry or fruit), some succulents, and lots of nasturtium.

How hard would it be to move one of these? 
When emptied, the tanks are surprisingly light! Tankworks usually sends two men to deliver the product. However each tank has a storage capacity of 935 L, and they obviously become quote heavy when they're filled with water. We've actually designed the system so there's always a minimum level of water in the tank to make the structure sturdy and vandal proof. However, the tanks can always be drained easily if you choose to move them to a different location. 

Are they something suitable for a home gardener in say a courtyard space?
ecoPOPs are perfect for a home gardener, and they can sit directly onto a hard surface courtyard space, driveway, or other hardstand area.

What are the delivery costs for the ecoPOPs?
Freight is included in the ecoPOPs’ list prices for customers in the Sydney metro area. If you’re located outside the Sydney metro area, let us know and we’ll give you a customised shipping cost